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Course Begins:
7th November 2022



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For the past fifteen years I have intentionally shaped my life around my CREATIVE practice. For twelve of these years I have built this practice into a full-time CAREER. But you know what, it is so much more than just a career that I have made for myself, it has been a process of stepping into my CALLING.


It is this I want for people.


I don't just want to run a creative business course for you to make more money, for what is money if you aren't living out of contentedness? What is career if you lose your creative heart chasing after the western dream? What is your creativity if you sell your soul to go viral. What if there was a better way forward, where you can hold your creative practice alongside creative career and do so healthily and sustainably.

This course is about choosing creativity as a way-of-life rather than just a career. We will certainly talk about the business side of things, about how I built a six-figure income (pre-covid) from my creativity, and how you too could grow your income from your creativity. BUT we will be delving deeper than that. We will be looking at LIFESTYLE and VOCATION and FEAR and FAILURE. We will be expanding our definitions and growing our capacity and pushing through our walls and learning how to listen well. I mean, what would a JOEL MCKERROW EDUCATION COURSE be without some deep self-reflection and confrontation. Ha.

It is this meeting place I invite you into with this course...



(without selling your soul).

Writing Music



This course is all about living a holistic, integrated creative life. That is, how can ones CREATIVE PRACTICE, CREATIVE BUSINESS and CREATIVE CALLING all come together into a sustainable way of being in the world. Ah, there is so much goodness I want to share in this course, so here is SOME what I will be teaching:


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  • A model for bringing about a thriving creative business.

  • Branding- how to name yourself.

  • Pitching- how to talk about yourself and your work.

  • Marketing- how to be heard.

  • Earning- how to get some income.

  • Scalability

  • Diversification

  • Business and Banking.

  • Putting yourself out there.


  • What you have to give to the world.

  • How to bring about sustainable creative rhythms in your life. 

  • Prolific Creativity

  • Personal Creative work and Monetary work.

  • Creative Collaboration

  • Creative Community

  • Creative Mindsets
  • Balance


  • A framework of VOCATION to shape your life around.

  • Learning how to Listen

  • Finding your direction.

  • Rejection and Failure and Shame and Bravery

  • Resilience

  • The Shadow Side of it all.

Writing Music



From the 7th Nov 2022 till the 2nd Dec (4 weeks) all this learning shall occur through:


Sit back and learn in these video presentations that arrive for you to watch every weekday of the course. Joel McKerrow shares his main teachings in these videos as well as walking students through the CREATIVE VOCATION WORKBOOK. 


At the beginning of the course students will receive a PDF version of their very own CREATIVE VOCATION WORKBOOK (over 100 pages that form the basis of all the learnings throughout the course and how they translate specifically into students individual lives. The workbook is filled with frameworks, thoughts, questions and space to reflect upon the learnings in the course and also to develop the studnet's CREATIVE PROJECT PLAN


Students are invited to focus on one particular creative project during the course. It could be something they may or may not have the actual creative content for. Developing the creative project in this course is not about creating the actual content (ie. writing the poems/stories, painting the pictures, taking the photos), this course shall help you develop how this project could make its way out into the world. (See A CLEARING IN THE FOREST and THE ART OF CRAFTING STORY courses for more specific content development).


Students, should they wish, shall become part of a CREATIVE COLLABORATORS group of people within a similar time-zones. These groups meet together once a week over the course to support each other in their creative practice and creative careers and their creative project.

Students should set aside approx 30min. per weekday for this course. 

Weekends are free time or catch up time.

The course is available for 6 months after the initial month long course.

Man at Desk


Basic Course:
$480 AUD

Creative Career 


$800 AUD

Basic Course Inclusions

  • Students will receive a 15-20min teaching video each week-day.

  • Students will receive a CREATIVE VOCATION WORKBOOK.

  • Students are invited to join, share and make comment within the cohort's community forum on the online platform.

  • The course instructor Joel McKerrow will also be making brief comment throughout the course on within this forum.

  • Students are invited into their own CREATIVE COLLABORATORS small group for group learning and support.

  • Students have six months of access to the course once the initial month is finished. 

  • The course is delivered via the on-line learning platform RUZUKU, designed specifically for on-line learning.

  • Student will have access to technical assistance via Ruzuku staff.

  • A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the conclusion of the course for those who desire one.

$50AUD off until
Sept 5th 2022
Early Bird Sale
Simply enter the coupon code below when registering:
Basic/Mentor Package- EARLYBIRD
Basic/Mentor Payment Plan- EARLYBIRDPLAN

Project Mentoring

This is an extra add-on for those who would like one-on-one mentoring around their creative career and/or creative project within the course.The inclusions for this package include all the basic course plus:

  • An initial one-on-one video conference call with Joel to begin the course, setting up their creative focus.

  • A video conference call half way through the course to provide feedback and talk through their progress.

  • A video conference call at the end of the course to talk about next steps for future growth as an artist.

  • Joel will provide personal and professional feedback upon their project during the course.

Project Mentoring places are limited- First in rules apply

Payment plans are available upon registration.

Costings shown are in Australian Dollars.

Payment is through PayPal or Credit Card.

Refund Policy: All sales are non-refundable.

If due to COVID you just cannot afford this but REALLY want to do it, please let me know via the contact form below.



Your Creative Vocation Guide

Joel McKerrow has spent the last fifteen years within the creative industries and established himself as one of Australia's most successful performance poets. Based out of Melbourne, Australia he is the Artist Ambassador for the aid and development organisation ‘TEARFUND Australia’ and was the co-founder of community arts organisation, 'The Centre for Poetics and Justice' (2010-2013). Joel was the third ever Australian representative at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships in the USA and is a highly sought after speaker at conferences and festivals all over the world. He has four published books and four spoken word/music albums, is a successful play-wright and artist. Joel is the host of the The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality Podcast and is on the teaching staff at the Melbourne Young Writers Studio and has taught the creative process to over 50 000 people in the last decade.

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